I suppose this was eventual.



Pre-orders start at the end of September on the 28th.

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進撃の巨人の痛車 / Ferrari’s War on Titan


So I promised this and here it is. A ruby red Ferrari decked from front to back in War on Titan decals. Maybe the girl is cosplaying someone from the anime?!? You tell me, you guys are the experts. She was dressed in a blue and white (maybe) maid outfit(?) and just waving while driver guy just looked like a boss. There are words spread across it advertising a cafe, which must mean this show is massive because I can only think of the big ones getting their own cafe.


Please note the back had a massive face over the engine. The face of the muscle man(red faced angry guy with no skin) stretched across the whole back. Unfortunately, it sped off before my cousin could snap the shot.

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Question about High School of the Dead


So long story short, I have family over and the three of them LOVE anime. Tales is a repeated word which I just don’t get it so they bought me Tales of Vesperia to play on PS3. Derrick loves this, I know for a fact.
So I asked them about favourite shows, and this High School of the Dead pops up. I’ve heard of it, but I don’t watch anime so I have them explain about its guns and gore. They conveniently leave out other details while it gets fired up and I’m preparing for Resident Evil level atmosphere. Starts off ok, serious, bloody, zombies turning their heads around to chomp people, that’s cool.
So my question is this, has anybody else seen this? I mean, I only follow Gundam and Fullmetal Alchemist so every female character was like Lust, the main guy was Heero Yuy and the fat one is hard to place. Gluttony/Hawkeye maybe?

I’m curious for your thoughts.

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On a horse like a Char


I don’t know why I never noticed this lovely masterpiece but there you go. I’ll have my customary cocktail!

Cherry Brandy Vodka martini Gundam Wing themed cocktail.

The blue drink is the non alcoholic Kira Yamato fruit juice(maybe tropical?) with a cherry 🙂

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Desperate Measures (I’m Back!)

After an incredibly long break, I’ve decided to come back! Yay~ UPDATES WILL BE SPORADIC! I PROMISE NOTHING!

IMG_4639*Battle noises*
Alter: We’re almost there! Hahahaha kill them all!

IMG_4645Soldier 1: 201…202…dead Popuras…


Marisa: Guh! Who are you?!




Nyaruko: Ha! None can defeat my SPACE CQC!


Sakuya: Kudo! We have to close the gates!



IMG_4670Kudo: BAH! CLOSE IT!


IMG_4675Popura: No wait! Wait!

IMG_4684Popura: Lord Kudo! Please! Noooooooo!!!

IMG_4688Aoi: …

IMG_4689Sakuya:… We did what we must… and they’ll respawn at the Popura Shrine later…

Kudo: Bah, I had the chance to capture those Sabers… I was expecting them to fight… but they ran… and yet these fists of mine didn’t want to hit a sister in the back…

IMG_4693Mari: Well… what’s the plan boss?

IMG_4694Kudo: Well… since we essentially left the stairs nearly unprotected, Nero and Alter ran up to the top floor… and took the Lexicanium… which is right across from us. After we got back upstairs, we were forced back into here and refortify… but now Nero controls the stairs. We can no longer leave this base… and supplies are running low.

IMG_4697Kudo: Which is why once the secret weapon is completed… we will end this once and for all… We will open the gates and unleash it upon Nero! … whenever it is done.

IMG_4700Kudo: Good Professor… how much longer? Also, I must thank you for keeping the base protected when Nero and her forces were up here.

IMG_4703Hakase: *omnomnom* mmm no problem Kudo onee-chan! Plus there was chocolates in here! I’ll gladly watch over this place as long as there are snacks!

IMG_4704Hakase: As for my weapon… a day or two?

IMG_4706Hakase: *omnomnom* Mufufufu, this weapon will knock their socks off!

IMG_4707Sakuya: That is… mightly large.
Aoi: Will we truly win with this?

IMG_4712Hakase: Of course! I’m Hakase after all~

Until next time! Stayed tuned at Gamer Anime Complex!

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Genius Child! 9th Daughter of the Imperium!

New update! And yes! As the title suggests, my long awaited custom Daughter is completed! Thanks to those that assisted in her creation!

Make sure you play this while you read through this short story!


?: Looks like i’m almost home fufufu~ Certainly has been a long trip. Perhaps i’ll go pick some flowers.

?: *humming* Ooooo plenty of flowers here. I wonder if my sisters will like them?

?: These ones are big!

?: Hmm… Am i even going the right way? Oh well!

?: More flowers! These ones aren’t too pretty though.

?: Much better!

?: Hmm… I’ve been gone for way too long… but I guess there is a civil war… These must be Nero’s supplies… and no one guarding them… Oh well.

?: Awww… The damage to our home.. I’ll need to stop this.

?: I guess I’ll barge in through the front door.

Hakase: HAKASE’S HOME~! With my massive intellect I shall stop this! After I find some roll cake to eat~

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for the exciting 2-3 part conclusion to the civil war! Until next time on Gamer Anime Complex!!

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Mini Campus Tour

Haven’t posted in a while, so I wanted to share a little bit about my campus and what it looks like for those interested. A few months ago we had an open campus that was to show all of the research that goes on. It was a good chance to get some good pictures because the weather was perfect(except for a single 20 minute waterfall downpour) I didn’t get as many as I wanted so I’ve also included some from other seasons to complete the tour. I unfortunately don’t have any from fall which sucks because it’s my favourite. Regardless, enjoy!
The campus is easily accessed from the station, and the clock tower can be seen immediately.

Up close and personal.

For those curious, this isn’t “the” clock tower that the university is famous for. That one is on another campus on the other side of Tokyo. My campus is called Komaba while the other is called Hongo.Hongo’s Clock Tower Auditorium.

Komaba is a weird campus because we’re separated into two campuses. One is for the undergraduate students while the other is for Post-Graduates focusing specifically on Science and Technology.Undergrad Campus after a good snow storm. This was all gone 8-9 hours later.

My campus has its own red brick clock tower too.Main Entrance to Komaba Campus #2.

We’re also separated into two groups. Institute of Industrial Science is one…
and the much longer named Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology(RCAST) which I belong to is the other. The clock tower is ours! but we don’t have a sign… =(

What I love most about it here is the ability of it to change its appearance every season.Winter



..No Fall =(

The campus also has quite a unique building that is powered by the sun and stands out a little bit from the rest.As seen from the ground.
As seen from our Lab.

You’d have to ask Industrial Science how it works, it’s their building.


From my lab I get a great view. I can see Shinjuku to the left(hard to get a picture) and in the distance…Past the Clock Tower is…The Sky Tree!

It’s funny to look at at night because it literally pulses every other second and has a police light like rotation. (Skip ahead to 40s)Also of note is the complete darkness around it. Cool sight really!

..And that pretty much sums up my photo gallery. That is unless you’re interested in seeing things like Wind Turbine tunnels and Augmented Reality stuff, robots etc… I can post that too if you like but kept it more to the visuals I see almost every day/season on my way in and out.

Hope you enjoyed them!

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Counter Attack!

Hey everyone that still even bothers to visit this site! Sorry! IVE BEEN SUPER LAZY. That is all. I was going to do the photo story about a week or two ago but Saber Alter was stained… and that’s a big reason she’s dressed up the way she is now XD.

Also, despite always saying there will be more updates, there will DEFINITELY be an update within two weeks after this one, and you’ll see why! Anyways enjoy!

Nero: Hmmmm… some fancy dud round…

Nero: …Or is it a dud round? Been several days since we took the Grand Hall… nothing has happened.

Alter: Why so obsessed with a dud round? Just let it be. Garbage it already.

Nero: Where have you been?
Alter: Took a shower.
Nero: There’s a shower in the Grand Hall?
Alter: Nah… I used the hose that was outside.
Nero: … Ah.

Nero: *Cough cough* What?! *cough* I don’t *Cough* cough!

Alter: *Cough cough cough* I feel a bit light headed… *cough*

Nero: I knew it! *cough* It has to be this thing! We have to retreat! *cough* This thing probably gets better the longer we are around it *cough* or the gas was released the first time it impacted… *Cough*

Nero: All forces! Clear the area *Cough cough*

Sakuya: Oh the area is cleared all right… of your forces. And if you didn’t get it because the gas is making you kinda stupid, I meant we killed them all.

Nero: Bah! *Cough* Sakuya! *Cough*
Alter: Damn it *cough* I can’t materialize my sword! *Cough*
Nero: Nor can I! DAMN *cough*

Sakuya: Yes yes, awful shame, time for your ass kicking!

Nero & Alter: RUN!

*Pew pew pew*

Nero: I thought I saw something up there… *Cough*

*SLAM* (Iron Man Style)

*Pat pat* *wipe wipe*

Kudo: Noumi Kudryavka, High Lord of Tera, IS HERE! Been a while since we last met. Back then you were still loyal to me. Oh well! Now then… what will you do? I would prefer that you surrender… or fight. Fighting is much more fun.

Nero: … Ugh, don’t feel good… what should we do?
Alter:… *cough cough* Getting…dizzy.

CAST YOUR VOTE! Expires when next story is up.


Check in within a week or two for the next exciting story in the Civil War! Until next time! On Gamer Anime Complex!

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三社祭 / Sanja Matsuri

Have you ever been to Asakusa? If you have then you might know how many festivals they have. If not, here’s a hint: Many. Asakusa is famous for its many festivals on an almost monthly basis. One of the largest is this one; Sanja Matsuri.

Sanja Matsuri is a festival where for an entire weekend – with breaks of course – Asakusa is a crowded party area of drinking beer, eating snacks but mostly just having a good time. How crowded is it you ask? Take a look!


That’s a lot of people. All here for some drinks, a little food, but mostly to have a lot of fun.


If you’ve never heard of Sanja Matsuri! It’s a very large two day festival where people carry お神輿(Omikoshi) in front of Sensoji Temple. If you look at the first picture, you’ll see some in that large group picture.

Here’s a better one up close.

Basically people carry the Omikoshi to the tune of drums and flutes. It’s quite interesting to see.


The drums usually lead the Omikoshi



And that’s Sanja Matsuri. Carry a heavy shrine, drinking beer, eating food and dancing. Good times all around!!

What do you think?

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Happy Birthday Kudo~

Didn’t get a meet going on for Kudo’s birthday, because I almost completely forgot. XD. Kudo doesn’t like crowds anyways. So it was a small celebration in comparison to Aoi and Mari’s party. Kudo’s birthday was on the 24th. Cake was not had until the 26th.

My dearest Kudo has been with me for a year now. Though I usually don’t enjoy picking favorites, Kudo definitely holds a solid position. Happy Birthday Kudo. May all your enemies fall to your fist on this day and for all days to come.
Perfect cake for my devilish girl.

Kudo: Next time, get a bigger cake.
Everyone: …no way we can finish this.

We didn’t have a lighter at the time, so a friend proposed we used the stove, set fire to paper towel, and light the candle. That didn’t go well. Paper towel was definitely on fire. Candle was not XD. Went out and bought a lighter after making a mess. Sorry Shigematsu Faction!

Until next time on Gamer Anime Complex!

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